A system designed to help you managing your memories.

About MeMoT

MeMot was designed by Nuno Datia. It is a proof-of-concept prototype developed to support a PhD thesis in Computer Science. It uses social semantic knowledge, as a basis to build algorithms for supporting the archival and the retrieval of images from personal photo collections. MeMoT helps you to annotate your photos, doing its best to automate things in your behalf. To do so, it uses an ontology called MOnt that stores the knowledge about what it is relevant to help you.

The work was developed at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, supervised by Prof. João Moura Pires, and supported by the SPRH/PROTEC/67580/2010 grant, from Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa.

Download the Memory ontology

You can download one of the MeMot core components
MOnt - an OWL ontology.

Download MOnt Browse MOnt

Demonstration demos

Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3

Contact me

Feel free to email me if you want to provide some feedback on MeMoT, for suggestions, or for other questions about the work.

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